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    Adobe billing issues


      I bought the Adobe pre-paid annual student subscription in April of 2014. It came with two additional free months, for a total of 14 months. That same day I confirmed the terms with an Adobe customer service agent, who assured me that the payment for the following year will not be charged until June 2015. From the agent's email:

      Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.46.12 PM.png

      However, having checked my account recently, the annual payment date still said April 2015, and when I contacted the customer support, I was told "I am sorry since you have purchased pre-paid subscription and you have already paid for it we will not be able to offer you 2 months free for the subscription."


      I don't understand the problem, but it's seems like a big issue when Adobe doesn't follow through on the offers it makes. My questions is -- how hard is it to move a billing date two months down the road? Or change the plan to monthly subscription and add the extra months?