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    how do I set up buttons that play an animation at different points in time? eg click here to view from 1 sec, click here to view from 2 sec?


      Hi There,

      I have a 3 second animation and 3 buttons, and I want the first button to play the 1st second of the animation, the second button to play the second second and the third to play the third second.

      So I have set up 3 labels at the start of each second, and a sym.stop(); trigger at the end of each section, just before the next label.

      Then I have made 3 buttons, each with layer actions sym.play("label1"),  sym.play("label2") etc

      This is all working smoothly when you click the first button to see the first section, then the second button to see the second section, and then the third, but when you play the third button, and then select the first button, the first animation plays ON TOP of the 3rd animation. Rather than jump the viewer to the first second, it plays the animation of the first second on top of the animation of the 3rd second.

      What should I do differently?


      Any advice would be much appreciated.