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    Thermometer guage


      I just need a little guidance please:-

      I'm trying to animate a linear thermometer. I have 4 layers....

      Thermometer Scale

      ... and Symbols for most graphics

      The needle layer has a tween that runs from 0 to 99 degrees using 100 frames and a ease to give a bit of life. I'm stuck on what to use to play the needle tween a given number of frames according to a value read from a text file.

      1) How do you play a tween from frame 1 to frame x then stop?
      2) Apply the ease to the shortened frame 1 - frame x tween
      3) Read a value from a text file?

      I just need pointing in the right direction. I can probably work out AS code from the reference but any examples would be much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.