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    Binding as function parameter

    paulo fabiano
      Hi everybody, this is my problem:

      public function pageList(s:String):void {
      restURL = s;

      <mx:Repeater dataProvider="{RPCResult.NEXT_PAGES.NEXT_PAGE}" id="repeat">
      <mx:LinkButton label="{repeat.currentItem.LABEL}" click="pageList({repeater.currentItem.LINK})"></mx:LinkButton>

      I have to fill the linkButtons´s Label and Click parameters with data (XML) that are comming from the Repeater dataProvider.
      The Label parameter works fine but the LINK node it´s a URL that i´ll use in my HTTPService. But I have to make some changes before put it on the URL parameter of the HTTPService. So I have to call a function and pass the binding (xml node) as a parameter.

      But it´s not working. Anybody can help me?

      label="{repeat.currentItem.LABEL}" works fine
      but click="pageList({repeater.currentItem.LINK})" doesn't.