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    Adobe CC and .flv export



      Yesterday, i tried to export some videos in .FLV format. It was a big surprise to see that those codecs don't exist anymore.

      Looking for some answers, i find this:



      After Effects CC 2014 (13.0), Premiere Pro CC 2014 (8.0), and Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 (8.0) do not include exporters for creating FLV and F4V files.

      You can still import videos in FLV and F4V formats into After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder. You can still import videos in the F4V format into Premiere Pro.

      If you want to create a video to play in Flash Player, then you should generally be using H.264 (.mp4), not the obsolete FLV or F4V formats. This has been the recommendation from the Adobe Flash team for quite some time already (as far back as Flash Player 9).

      We removed the exporters for FLV and F4V files from the Adobe video applications (Adobe Media Encoder, After Effects, and Premiere Pro) because maintaining these obsolete exporters was a large amount of work, and we could better spend that effort on developing new features and fixing bugs in areas that are used by more people.

      We are still committed to creating video files that play well in Flash Player, and that is why we are focusing our efforts on the H.264 (.mp4) exporter, which is what is currently recommended by the Adobe Flash team.

      If you do still have a need to create FLV or F4V files for some legacy workflows, then we recommend that you keep the previous versions—Adobe Media Encoder CC (7.2) and After Effects CC (12.2.1)–installed alongside the current versions. Then, whenever you need to transcode or export a file in one of these legacy formats, you can just start the previous version of the application for this specific purpose.



      I can see issues with this two solutions:


      - H.264 is heavier than .FLV and i'am not sur but i don't think you can export with RGB Alpha with this settings.

      - Working with old program versions is a cheap solutions: you are not supported by Adobe if you don't have the last update. :/


      Anyway, as annouced, Adobe don't want to use this codec anymore. The good way is to find an other workflow to replace the FLV codec.


      Have you already met this problem? What was your solutions?


      Best regards,