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    Hello guys, could some one please explain the best process using Photoshop CS2 to cut out the picture from a background?




      My name might be photoshopking, but I am still a newbie trying to learn


      I am trying to present footwear on my website and the problem is all of my images need a white background. Because of this, I have to constantly remove the background detail from photos on the net which I currently just use the Magic Wand Tool which isnt great. I seem to find the edges are pixelated and blurry.


      Would someone on the forum please be able to give me an example using a photo from my website about how to remove the background properly? This would massively help.


      I am really struggling with this image: http://traineraddict.com/wp-content/uploads/nike-fragment-design-roshe-run-ld-1000-sp-692x 461_c.jpg


      Any help would be massively appreciated