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    Hyperlinks not working ACROBAT XI


      I'm using Visio 2013 and PDFMAKER from Acrobat XI.

      My pdf contains hyperlinks to different pages within the PDF, excel files, word documents.  Those files are located on our intranet and different servers.


      If I open my PDF with Adobe reader X (with protected mode off), all the hyperlinks work. (If protected mode is enable then the hyperlinks to documents does not work).


      If I open my PDF with Acrobat XI, only the links to different page work.  When I click on an hyperlink to an XLS or a DOC, nothing happens.  No error message, nothing.


      I've tried in ACROBAT XI everycheck box combination I could think of in Security, Security (Enhanced), Trust Manager to no avail.


      Please help.


      Thank you


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          PatrickChabot Level 1

          I don't know how to edit my question, so this is why I'm adding this reply.

          Some Hyperlinks work (In the Adobe Reader X with protected mode disabled, ALL my hyperlinks work) in ACROBAT XI.

          The hyperlink that work:

          -The one that refer to a different page in the same PDF.

          -Hyperlink that are Relative

          -Hyperlink that refer to a file located on the intranet.


          The hyperlinks that do not work are the one that have an Absolute path \\servername\path\Filename (but they work with the Adobe Reader).