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    VDI and Photoshop

    Jeroen van Lieshout

      We are running a Proof of Concept for working with Photoshop in a virtual desktop. The programs performans good within a virtual deskltop.

      But we found that we cannot get rid of some mousse lag. This mousse lag only appears in programs like Photoshop, Gimp or AutoCad. It has something to do with the fact that there is some relative mouse functionality in the program. When you draw somthing in Photoshop the mousse cursus come first and then the actual line you draw follows.


      Demonstration of the problem:

      VMware Horizon View 6 & Adobe Photoshop CC cursor issue - YouTube


      We have tried a lot of things but none of it seems to get result.

      • 20MB WAN or 1GB LAN make no difference is our case. Mouse always lags a bit.
      • Relative mousse on/off has some impact but still not workable for our desingers.
      • Performance Settings in Adobe CS5. (uncheck Enable OpenGL drawing) seems to help a bit.
      • We have tested zero cliënts, laptops and desktops. Zero cliënts wich terradici chipset get best rated by our end users. But the mouse still lags.
      • Tested lots of other settings for PcOIP including framrate and image quality settings.
      • Tested lots of different settings in Adobe CS5 and AutoCad.
      • We tested with Nvidia GRID K1 graphics cards and APEX cards in the server. Mousse lag still remains.


      1. Are there any best practises for running Adobe Photoshop on a virtual desktop?
      2. Does Adobe support running Photoshop on a virtual desktop?
      3. What are the correct Photoshop settings for a virtual desktop with hardware accelareted GPU within a virtual desktop?
      4. Is there a way to get rid of the mousse lag.


      Any help is highly appreciated. Regards,

      Jeroen van Lieshout

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I would think you should ask this in a Microsoft, Apple or Linux virtual desktop forum.  I would think its how well the mouse operations are vitalized by the VDI application. Most likely the lag is due to the VDI operation.

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            Jeroen van Lieshout Level 1

            We are using Vmware Horizon View. I have openup a post in the Vmware forum about this issue a few weeks ago. No response so far. A lot of other programs do not seem to be affected by this issue. Only graphical applications like Photoshop, CAD or Gimp are effected.


            A few weeks ago we went to Vmworld in Barcelona. We visited some good sessions from Nvidia on grapics in virtual machines. We also visited a presentation about a big archtict firm that managed to fully virtualize all of their workstations and now work from all over the globe on any end-point that the users would like. How did they manage to pull that off without mousse lag? Do other Photoshop users also have this problem?

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              It may well be the way these application are written to use different OS api  then other applications and how the virtual devices are programmed by Vmware to reflect hardware interrupts and mouse events to virtual machines some API may perform better then others.  I don't not think Application developers will change their products design to work better on different virtual machine applications.  They want the their application to work without problem in the native environment