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    Help! Popups not 'popping' Stumped.

      Hi, firstly, let me say that I originally created a help file in Flare then converted it to a . chm file and brought it into Robohelp.
      I have a large image, with hotspots on it that popup to give field definitions.
      They were all set to display in a popup window. When I click on any hotspot in the image, it displays as being set to display in a popup window. But when I preview or compile, they appear in Frames.
      when I create a NEW image hotspot, it pops up correctly.
      I can see no difference in the settings for the new popup as opposed to the old one. Simply opening a hotspot and re-setting its properties to display as a popup changes nothing. Nor does changing any of the settings. It appears that what is being displayed as a setting, is being overwritten somewhere. but I cannot see where in the True Code.
      Has anyone experienced this before? And must I spend 5 hours redoing every existing hotspot?
      I have to demo this tomorrow, so any help at all would be gratefully received.
      kind regards