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    Why won't my LR 5.5 import any images from my cf cards or external drive


      Hi.  My Lightroom was working just fine until yesterday, no problem importing anything and now nothing.  I have tried importing my raw images from my cf card and I get "following images could not be imported because they could not be read" (97).  I can import these directly into my external and they are there so I know it is not a card issue. In fact I popped in a card that loaded just fine last week with the same images that it previously downloaded and still nothing.


      I also tried importing the files in from my external and from a desktop folder.  Nothing. When I do this I get  "Could not copy a file to the requested location.  (883).


      This is so frustrating, I have several shoots this week and need to have my lightroom back running as it was.  Any help is greatly appreciated!


      Working off a mac desktop 10.9.3