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    After Effects crashes




      I had to reinstall Windows on my pc and now I am trying to install some programs. Thats why I've downloaded After Effects, but when the installation is finished and I try to open up After Effects, I get the following message:


      Last log message was: <5836> <GPUManager> <2> Sniffer Result Code: 3


      I tried nearly everything, un- an reinstalled the program, updated the video card drivers, installed CUDA etc. but I still get this message. I just tried to install AE on my laptop and there it works fine... I just don't understand the whole thing, before I reinstalled Windows, AE worked fine...


      My pc specs:

      OS: Windows 7
      CPU: i5 4570

      GPU: Gainward GTX 760

      RAM: 8GB

      I hope you can help me :/