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    Timed loading

      What and how would be the best method of loading or triggering movie clips to load and play. I want to do be able to do this based on a set time style function where after say 10seconds has elapsed a movieclip will play, then after a further 10 seconds another will play.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          mclem Level 1
          use the setInterval function. it allows you to call a function at a specified interval set in milliseconds. you can also pass parameters to the function you specify.

          Here is the usage for the function:
          setInterval(functionName:Function, interval:Number [, param1:Object, param2, ..., paramN]) : Number

          it returns an integer that you can use to pass into clearInterval() to cancel the interval.

          if you need more info on it just search setInterval() in flash help.
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            timbronze Level 1
            Cheers for the help.

            I used this and it is all working great now.