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    ACR to support Nikon D750

    Rebekah M Jones

      I'm still rather new to Photoshop so I did a little research before posting and I apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere. I currently have Elements 11 and just purchased the new Nikon D750. I cannot open my Raw files from my new camera. Luckily I shoot Raw + Jpg so I can still edit the Jpg's but I prefer to work with the Raw files. I realise that there must be an update to ACR to accomidate or I can use my Nikon software as a temporary work around. I have found that Adobe released CR 8.7 for Photoshop CC and 8.7 RC for Lightroom. My question is: Is there and update yet for Elements, can you use the CR 8.7 for Photoshop CC update with Elements or, are we still waiting?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The question has been asked so many times that I don't believe they can be counted. If you look at the "more like this" list to the right of these responses you will see that it tops the list. Photoshop Elements 11 will only support up to Camera Raw 8.0. Support for the D750 is being added in Camera Raw 8.7. You will either need to upgrade your software, or you can download the DNG converter 8.7 release candidate and create digital negative (DNG) copies that you can open with what you have now. If you decide to download the DNG converter release candidate, you will want to make sure to replace it with the final release when it becomes available. Release candidates will eventually expire.

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            Rebekah M Jones Level 1

            Thanks for the response Jim. Yes I did see similar questions but did not come across any relating specifically to Elements. As stated above, I am already aware that the 8.7 update is necessary to support my D750 and that the 8.7 RC is now available for Photoshop CC and Lightroom but if you review the info provided by Adobe Labs, Elements is not mentioned anywhere. That is why I asked if there is an update for Elements. I appreciate the info that Elements 11 only supports up to 8.0 and I have no problem upgrading my software to Elements 12 or 13 but if the 8.7 RC update does not apply specifically to Elements that will not change anything.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It seems that release candidates never apply to Photoshop Elements. Those users have to wait for the final release. But since you are using Photoshop Elements 11, even the final release isn't going to help you because you're software will only support Camera Raw 8.0. You could use the DNG converter right now to convert copies of your raw files. But you will have to upgrade your software if you want to have native support for those NEF files.

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                Rebekah M Jones Level 1

                Thanks Jim. That actually helps a lot. I didn't want to waste my time (or very limited data) downloading something that I wouldn't be able to use. I plan to upgrade to Elements 13 in the near future. If it would allow me to utilize the update I would purchase now  but would prefer to wait to see if it goes on sale around Thanksgiving. Have to watch the budget after buying the new camera Looks like in the mean time I'll have to get comfortable with the Nikon software that came with the camera.

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  As Jim has already said you can sue the DNG Converter 8.7 RC to make DNGs from your NEFs and those will open in your older PSE/ACR combo.


                  The DNG Converter is available, here:




                  Keep in mind that if you touch any of your NEFs with Nikon software that is older than your camera they may be corrupted and won’t work in Adobe software.  The accidental corruption can be corrected with the utility, here: