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    cflogin and session variables

      Hi Everyone,

      I ran into a problem with my application.
      I use cflogin and cfldap to authenticate users and set some Session Variables and then use the roles to manage there content. simple stuff.
      but I am having the famous problem of Session variables timing out but cflogin still authenticated the user.

      I have the times out set, I have used LoginStorage cookies and session.

      What happens is a user goes to the website site. logs in just fine, does his thing and then just closes his browser (without clicking logout) then he comes back a half hour later (Session Variables and cflogin timeout has been exceeded) so it shows them the login form, they log in and then they get a nice error about Session variables X and Y not being set (the page displays there name and that is set via Session variables)

      Is there a fix for this?

      I can post my application.cfc if needed.

      Thank you