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    Adobe Flash lost connection @ 30%. Mac install fails.


      I am seeing this all over the forums with no one finding a solution. I have tried everything suggested either in Safari or Firefox including a clean install 3 times!! Even after uninstalling and deleting the flash files in the library, when I go to try downloading and installing it immediately starts at 30% and then I get the error message "Lost connection. Trying to connect...." then it hangs for a bit and then I get "Connection failed. Unable to complete installation." I go to their support link when the install fails but the link that they suggest to download from directly in the final step is "NOT FOUND". See here: Installation problems | Flash Player | Mac

      This same link is showing up in several forums for a solution. I don't know what else to do. I'm posting this to add to the many many others with the same issue in hopes that Adobe will fix this! I am on a MAC OS 10.9.5. Never had this issue before with the flash updates!!!