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    Color Palette does not update Sampled color when using Mixer Brush


      Hi All,


      I'm using the Mixer Brush and the NON-'Load Solid Colors' only to have a multi-colored blend in each stroke. However in this mode, whenever I press the shortcut 'ALT' to sample color, it loads the color into reservoir which is cool but the Color Palette does not update at all. At this point, if I were to switch to Eyedropper tool 'i' but not via ALT, the update occurs.


      I suppose its a case of the Color Palette not being sure of how to decide on a swatch since the reservoir is a mixture of color, but isn't there a way to average it (like the averaging option in the eyedropper tool itself)? In addition, I am unable to eyedrop from other layers in this mode as well.


      Am i really resigned to using the 'Load Solid colors' mode for sampling / otherwise have a pre-made palette in the corner that is on the same layer( which makes it impossible when my single layer painting occupies the entire canvas )?


      I would like to add that, this happens in a case where I paint without 'Sample all layers' on, because as we all know, is almost impossible to paint without super lag on a big file + sample all layers.