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    flickr - information of published photo


      i'm using the lightroom feature to publish to flickr. what i'd need is more information as found on flickr.com : i extensively use the share-features of flickr (e.g., HTML share to embed in wordpress / blogs / websites), so it would be great to get this stuff straight out of lightroom instead of having to load the website each time.


      this is, e.g., important while travelling, when you don't have a fast internet connection making it extremely tedious if you have to load each single image separately just to get the share-links.


      as of now i can only find the link to flickr in the library grid-view (light text at the very top of the library grid), but i cannot even copy the link (only click it to open the browser). any thoughts or plans to change this? e.g., as separate information in the library view of the photos published to flickr ...


      in summary i'd refer to the following steps:


      (1) publish photo to flickr

      (2) allow to copy URL to flickr image

      (3) access sharing information of flickr image (e.g., code for HTML embedding or static link for sharing), just like it is possible to load comments.