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    Moving from Windows to Mac


      hi, I currently use a PC with Windows 7 Pro and have Lightroom 5.6 installed, with all my images on an external drive.  I currently maintain a backup of the drive, catalogue etc on another drive.


      I will be taking delivery of an iMac this week and want to do all my Lightroom and Photoshop editing on there from now on.    Do I need to purchase a different version of the software ?   Once I have LR and PS on the Mac what is the best way to work with the images etc  The iMac has a 2 TB drive and I will be doing backups with Time Machine to a 3TB Airport Timeport drive.   Would I be best to have the images on the main drive and back them up or would you recommend another configuration.  I'm keen to get it right at the beginning.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.