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    jazzing up a poster


      I created my first design in indesign. it is a white background with many quotes and some graphics on it, size is 16x20.

      The background is just plain white.

      Previously when I made things like this, I created it in Photoshop.  I would like to add a texture or something so it doesn't look so stark.

      I would appreciate any ideas or feedback  you all can provide.

      I am not sure what is possible, so I am open to anything!! I did try adding a texture as the background layer, but it only affected the background. It did not change any of the text appearance or the "fills" in some of the "boxes".


      Thanks in advance to anyone who can shoot me some ideas!  Susan

      draft screen shot.JPG

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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          I'm fairly sure this isn't what you want to hear, but my best constructive advice would be this: the last thing your poster design needs is anything more. I suspect that just about any pro designer would ask that you consider ways to reduce clutter, rather than add to it.

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            Daniel Flavin Level 4

            Not so John,

            Here's a counterpoint to your point.


            White space eliminator

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              sdewenter Level 1

              This is a poster i made for my 10 and 12 year old nieces. It is very colorful and full of stuff....but that is what i wanted for this project. I picture them laying in bed,  unable to sleep and reading some of these....or over time they might memorize them. I wish I had this when I was a young girl!!! I understand the less is more suggestion, but this was done this way intentionally.  My thought was just that the WHITE space is SO white...i thought it maybe would look better with a texture or something.  I don't want to make it cream, as I think all these bright colors look better with white vs. cream. If you all get past the "holy crap she has a lot of stuff on here!" and let me know if there are other effects or treatments I could do to to it.  I may not end up doing anything to it, but "I don't know what I don't know!"  THANKS EVERYONE

              draft 2.JPG

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                sdewenter Level 1

                Daniel....THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!!  I have placed and order and hopefully they still have some magic stardust left!!!

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                  Daniel Flavin Level 4

                  Having read you message about the target audience - I think you've done a wonderful job. A young person's mind can process so much and the content is priceless.

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                    John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I agree that it is appropriate for the intended audience, and stand by my initial assertion that it needs nothing more. White is good.

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                      Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                      And by the way, coming back to the original message... a lot of people get the idea that pros use InDesign OR Illustrator OR Photoshop; they want the one which works best. In fact, the pros use all of them. So why not make a background texture in Photoshop and stick it at the back...? Though I agree whitespace is good.