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    placing text is default is right-left


      Whenever I try to import/place text from an external file the placement icon is always appearing on the right side of the cursor.


      I'm used to it showing up on the left hand side and the text flowing from left to right. For some reason, my cc installation is defaulting to an arabic right to left text justification. I've figured out how to change that so that my paragraphs all flow in a "western" pattern - left to right, periods on the right, paragraphs defaulting to left justified etc.


      But changing the default on the "place" option is eluding me.


      It's not so bad when I'm placing text in a single column, but when I have 2 or more set up in my document, the text won't flow from the left columns to the right columns. It only flows from the right to left.


      Frustrating. Any reason why this is happening, and how to fix it?