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    Table and figure numbering in multi-chapter book


      Using InDesign CC 2014 I am editing a book that consists of 23 chapters. Each chapters are added to the book separately. There are 5 levels of titles, level 1-4 is numbered (first level is the chapter title), the 5th is not.The numbering of the titles in chapters works very well, but I have problem with numbering of figures and tables.

      The numbering of tables and figures should look like this: Table 1.1., 1.2., etc, Figure 1.1., 1.2., etc. The first number is always the chapter number, the second is the number of table/figure in order - within the chapter. I want the second number to re-start in each chapter. But if I select "continue from the previous number" (or something like this - I have Hungarian version, tried to translate to English), the numbering does not re-start with each new chapter, however gets the correct ^H number. If I select "start", all tables and figures will be ^H.1.

      My question is: what should I do on one hand to be able to use (and sync) all formats (including tables' and figures' captions with numbers) in the whole book, in the same time making the figures' and tables' numbering having ^H followed by a number re-starts in each chapter? For this, the table and figure number should be which level on the list? What to do with "restart numbering at this level after" option?

      I have searched the www from A to Z and back but could not find the answer. Please, help me! Oh, and please, write the how-to description step-by-step (maybe illustrated?), as I use Hungarian version, which makes applying the suggestions a bit difficult. Thank you, in advance, for your kind help!