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      I'm able to view regular websites using Edge Inspect on all my devices. However, when I attempt to view the .html files that I am currently working on in Edge Code, it doesn't work. Can someone explain to me what it is that I am doing wrong and what I need to do to fix this problem?

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          I am curious about the same issue as well. If I need to publish the site first then I don't need to use Edge Inspect. Can anyone help please.

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            Same problem. Using Windows 8.1 Laptop and Nexus 7.


            Update: Defining a firewall port rule didn't fix the problem. Even complete deactivation of firewall didn't help.

            Message in mobile edge app: Web page at [ip]:[port]/index.html could not be loaded as net::ERROR_CONNECTION_TIME_OUT

            Browsing online in the Internet works well and nearly synchronized.