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    Camera wont capture when Tethering Canon T5i in Lightroom 4.4. Tried with and without card.


      I just unboxed a Canon T5i (700D). I've been shooting with a T2i for the past three years tethered to LR4 with no problem. Now with the T5i, i connect the camera, set up a new tether session and LR detects the camera in the pop up bar, but the sections for Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO are blank. The capture button is able to be clicked, but the camera does not respond. When the shutter on the camera is pressed, also no response. I have tried this with and without the SD card. I have used three usb cable and two different computers. I have checked for updates and my firmware is current. The camera is set to manual mode in the on position NOT the video position and I am tethering to a Windows 7 computer. Please help!