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    Urging Adobe to provide an install for Flex 2.0.1 along with Eclipse 3.2.2

    Shiv_Kumar Level 1
      I feel strongly that Adobe should provide an installer to install Flex 2.01 along with Eclipse 3.2.2 for Windows

      It's nice that we have an update for Flex but in my mind (as a paying customer) I should have got a full update and not a partial update. As it is the IDE sucks big time and to know that there is a new version available but we don't get it with the update is extremely painful.

      This decision on Adobe's part makes me wonder what to expect in the long run. I mean isn't an update to a newer, improved IDE also considered an update? After all Flex Builder includes the IDE, no?

      And yes, please don't tell me I can simply go and download Exclipse and "do it myself". I din't Buy Flex Builder to do this stuff myself. I expect(ed) full service.

      A Disgruntled Flex Builder Customer.