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    Does Adobe actually have customer service ? I am emberassed for the Adobes phone support with 1 hour and 56 minute wait times to talk to somebody about a refund

    poor customer service Level 1

      wasted 3 days trying to get photshop to do anything lol it would not respond to any commands . After my brand new macbook crashed the first time and after A force quit I did a recommended update and the program would not respond again and while looking at a blank screen for 10 minutes it froze and I had to do a force quit again . In manage account I tried to quit and was told to contact customer service , called customer service and was told there would be an hour and 50 minute wait time or leave a number and they would call back . Tried the chat support as well and never heard back from either . Does ADOBE ACTUALLY have customer service or is this one of those things were they give me the run around until I'm sick of the run around and just forfeit my money because Adobe makes it damn near impossible to quit and get a refund ?