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    Flash on Mac with mavericks OS

    bloody fed up

      was able to watch BBC I player. Now some jerk has ammended things and not bothered to test it.

      Cannot load it.

      There is masses of information some of whichis not clear

      Do you think I have time to waste like this

      It should be tested and work

      I am bloody angry at bthe arrogance shown and the time spent logging onto this "help site"

      Would apprciate a simple set of instructions and a product that worked.


      NOT interested in a discussion a product should work without having todo a DIY assembly job

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Without a cogent description of the problem you're experiencing, it's difficult to provide you with any useful advice.  If you're just here to vent, we understand that it's therapeutic.  When you're ready, we'd be happy to help you sort out the problem you're experiencing.


          That said, you might want to try a different browser as a temporary workaround.