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    How to "tab/arrow over" to a selected pop-up screen on a Mac with Lightroom 5


      Hello!  I've made the jump from PC to Mac and working through the nuances of how to do things.  One area that is frustrating me is when I want to delete a photo from the disk.  I press the "delete" key and the pop-up screen of:

      Delete the selected master photo from disk, or just remove it from Lightroom?  Choices - Delete from Disk, Cancel and Remove.


      The pre-set choice is "Remove," but I want to "Delete from Disk".  On PC I could arrow key over to my choice.  I've tried all the keyboard shortcuts I can think of on the Mac and can't seem to toggle over.  Arrow and tab keys do nothing. 


      Anyone know the trick??  I spent 40 minutes on the Internet looking for an answer, but can't find info to my specific question.


      Many thanks for the help!!