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    ID CS6: Interactive PDF Buttons --> Random Errors


      I'm creating a 50+ page catalog of tshirt designs. There are 4 rows of designs on each page (total 28 image objects), as well as a single preview area to the right of the rows which I've setup to show a closeup of design on rollover of the corresponding image in the row.  So, I've set each image in the row as a button, as well as corresponding closeup image which is set to show on roll over and hide on roll off.


      My issue is that we are having what I can best describe as random glitches / errors with the buttons when exporting to interactive pdf.  I say random, because the errors are not consistent; you can open the file and 1 of the closeup images will be mistakenly showing until you roll over the corresponding image, yet you can open the same file again, and that issue will not be happening again. Another issue would be that a row of images (that should always be showing) will randomly not show on a page, but if you scroll to the next page and then back, they will be there.


      For these reasons, I'm fairly certain that it is not an error in our setup, but simply a glitch.  Is there any sort of "save" setting that would eliminate these errors?


      FYI: we are viewing the pdf on acrobat x pro and adobe reader on both windows 7 and windows 8.