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    burn pics to CD


      I can't figure out how to burn my pictures to a removable disk. I select the pictures and go to file select burn to removable disk and the popup is dead it won't allow me to do anything. This process was so easy in Elements 6. I would greatly apprecate any help someone could give me.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What is your program - Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements? On what operating system is it running? Your thread has been posted in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum (video editing). The nature of your question suggests that you are working with some version of Photoshop Elements. Are you?


          A further question would be "Are you in the Elements Organizer of one of these programs?"


          In Premiere Elements Editor, you can burn your photos to a DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc, AVCHD format on DVD disc, or Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc.

          I suspect that all you want to do is to burn some photos to a CD disc.


          Please supply the details, and I will try to help you here rather have your thread transferred to another forum such as the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum.


          We will watching for your reply with details.


          Thank you.



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            Blanet Level 1

            First of all thank you for your response A.T. I am purchased Premiere Elements but an working out of the Elements Organizer on a Mac. Yes all I've been trying to do is burn selected pictures to a CD to give to people.


            I may of stumbled on to something last night. I put a CD disk into the drive and it asked me what program I wanted to have open it. I said open in "Finder" . That brought up disk icon on the desktop. Then I went to the Elements Organizer and under File I selected "export as new files". I then selected export to "remote disk".


            This is where I will get sort of fuzzy on what I did next. I think I right clicked the disk icon on the desktop and I did something that prompted it to asked me if I wanted to burn the untitled disk and said yes and things started whirring and a popup that indicated files were being burnt to the disk.


            I'm still thinking there must be a easer more direct rout to burn pictures to a disk.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Sorry for the delayed reply. I got detoured.


              Using Premiere Elements, you can burn your photos to DVD disc or Blu-ray disc, but they will end up in a video format which does not sound like what you are after. You want just your photos as is burned to a disc (whichever has the capacity to accept all your photos).


              What do you intend to do with the disc with photos once it is produced? View it using a DVD player attached to a TV or inserting the disc in your computer burner drive and viewing the photos from a computer program?


              I am strictly an Elements Windows user. So, you will need to translate some of this into Mac language.


              You want to create a data disc...for playback on DVD player, some will accept the JPEG CD but not a JPEG DVD. There may be a player out there for JPEG DVD but I have not run into one. You may be able to be produce your JPEG CD with your Mac disc utility. Determine if the following looks like the ideas will work for your Mac computer environment

              See 3 of 3 in the following

              3 Ways to Burn a CD Using Mac OS X - wikiHow


              Not sure if it is present in Mac, but in the Elements Organizer Windows there is an opportunity to burn your photos in the Elements Organizer to CD or DVD disc. I do not see where you said what version of Premiere Elements you are using. For now, I will assume Premiere Elements 12. In the Elements Organizer 12, look under File Menu/"Copy/Move to Removable Drive". It is a two steps task. Do nothing in Step 1 except click on Next. In Step 2, set up for your burn to disc.


              Please review and consider. Then please let me know if any of the above works for you or has worked for you already.