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    I've made a fillable form and need javascript assistance


      I've created a fillable form (for internal company use) and would like certain fields to auto fill based on what other field values are.


      Here is snap shot of the form


      RMA Table.JPG

      Here is an explanation of the table.

      The top fillable row: model = user fill in model; Serial No. = user fill in serial no.; DOP = user fill in DOP; Warranty = user select valid or void (combo box)


      Fillable row under "IDX Diagnostics/warranty/parts/labor/qty/cost/total/action/date complete": IDX Diagnostics = user fillable diagnostics; warranty = user select valid or void (combo box); parts/labor = user fill in parts/labor time; qty = user enter a number; cost = user enter a number; total = auto fills based on qty * cost; action = user selects repair/no repair; date complete = user fills in date.


      The "total cost" field adds up all the totals.


      Here is what i'd like to accomplish

      1. When the second "warranty" (combo box) is set to "Valid", i'd like the total cost value to be $0 no matter what

      2. When the action is set to "no repair", i'd like the total for that row to be $0 and override the qty*cost value.


      Is this possible?