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    Problems with Masking

      I am attampting to mask a quicktime movie in Director. I set the following on the script behaviour line:

      on prepareFrame
      set the mask of member "moviename" to member "maskname"

      I then place the movie on the stage after this script.

      The movie is rather long, what it does is it masks the movie completely for about 5-10 seconds and then, although it still seems be masked, it shows the rest of the movie area like staggered stills. Moving an open window over the stage will show that it IS still masked turning the staggering background back to white...then after a few seconds it does it again....any ideas? Thanks
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          Video members and sprites operate differently from bitmap image members
          and sprites. Any digital video member is played on top of the Director
          movie using a guest appliation. In your case it's Quicktime.

          There is an option for the video cast member, DTS, direct to stage. This
          option allows Director to give up the space on the stage that is
          occupied by the guest application. When DTS is on, Director is freed
          from paying attention to, and updating, the content on that part of the
          stage. If you want Director to pay attention to the part of the stage
          that the QT movie occupies, then you should turn off DTS. Turning off
          DTS can reduce the playback quality of the DV movie, but it will allow
          you to mask it.

          You might also look at the Framing options for the DV movie. It may do
          what you want to do with less loss of quality.
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            maximinius Level 1
            Well...turning off DTS seems to disable the ability to mask all together using the masking function I was inquiring about. I worked around it though. Turning off DTS allowed me to place a bitmap (black field, white circle) on top of the movie . I then made the white transparent so I achieved a mask. The masking function using the Scripting in my original post just doesnt seem to work for me.

            Thanks for the help