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    Transfer an Adobe product license

    Goldfish041 Level 1

      I am buying a copy of CS5 Web Premium that has been registered to someone else hence they have completed a Licence Transfer Form (see Transfer an Adobe product license). Being the "Recipient", it does not make it clear if I need to get my own Case Number to enter into the form or do I use the Case Number of the "Transferor". Does anyone know?





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Since no one appears to be providing an answer... if it were me I would use the case number that was already created for the license transfer mainly because it makes more sense that way.

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            Goldfish041 Level 1

            Thanks Ned. I did find this posting yesterday (Do I need a new case number for the Transfer of License Form? I am the recipient of a transfer of li) which says "You need to get a new number for yourself because the transferor and the recipient cannot use the same number." so I've got a new case number. Mind you, have any of you tried to get a case number? Not at all easy as there is no clear cut method to do this! You need to choose a question topic from the "Contact Us" option and then take the "Chat" option. Next, you need to get the support person to understand what you want, as they seem unaware of the possibility of transferring the registration, and once they've understood your requirements, they then need to keep the case open so you have a case number! Very long winded for something which should be so straight forward!


            I'll close this once I've got the licence transferred and can report more fully on my experiences.