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    AEGP Plugin CINEWARE SceneLayer: CINERENDER - Connection failure (5027 :: 12)

    grantgomm Level 1

      Working in AE CC2014.1 and C4D lite.  I have a project with a few .c4d files in it.  I'm working on this project at my work computer, and I then bring it home in the evenings and work on it on my own computer (both mac pros).  At work it's fine, at home I have problems. 


      I get the error "AEGP Plugin CINEWARE SceneLayer: CINERENDER - Connection failure (5027 :: 12)" when I launch AE, and I think it does this for every .c4d file I have in this project.  I can see the file just fine in C4D lite, and in after effects I see a black screen in the comp window.  However I can see the thumbnail of the c4d file in the project window when I have the c4d file selected.  The layer is active in the comp's timeline as well.  Not sure what to do about this.  Any ideas?  Thanks.


      Work Computer:

      Mac Pro 5,1 2x6 core

      Quadro 4000

      64 GB Ram


      Home Computer

      Mac Pro 3,1 2x4 core

      GTX 680

      14 GB Ram