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    Little use of hardware during playback, render

    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Playback & renders (output) runs ok as long as I do just a decent grade over in Speedgrade on a PrPro sequence. Footage is H.264 in mov wrapper, (GH3), 1080p and  29.97fps.


      Take a graded sequence of a whopping 2:45 (two minutes 45 seconds) over to AE (replace ... ) and do a bit of Reduce Grain & Unsharp Mask ... cannot playback at all in PrPro at even 'reduced' settings.


      Will take nearly FOUR hours to either render for playback or export.


      During this whole time, my CPU never climbs above 30%, mostly around 25%. RAM usage never exceeds 40% (6 and a half or so GB). GPU monitor shows no usage of the GPU at all, nor any use of the 4GBvRAM on the card. So the machine isn't even *up* to coasting speed, it's idling. What gives? All the Adobe programs have been told in prefs to use up to 12 Gb RAM, but never do. Hardware acceleration is 'enabled' ... just wish it would!




      Here's the system:

      Win7 Ultimate 64bit

      Intel Core i7-4770KCPU @ 3.50Ghz

      16 GB RAM

      EVGA nVidia GTX 770 W 4Gb vRAM


      System Disc:

      Twin Samsung 128Gb SSD in RAID 0


      Cache Disc:

      60GB SSD


      Media & Project Files on 2TB Internal HD

      Exports onto another 2TB Internal HD


      All "CC 2014.1"

      PrPro: 8.1.0

      Sg:    8.1.128