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    Display Problem

    garry2306 Level 1

      I have a Dell desktop with a 'normal' 1680x1050 display which I have calibrated with colormunki.


      I now have a Dell XPS15 QHD display with 3200x1800 resolution that I have also calibrated.


      My problem is the LR JPEG exports from the QHD laptop are very dark. Does anyone understand this?


      How should I bring the desktop and the laptop into alignment?

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          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

          Put up a blank white document on each screen.

          Take out your Camera and in aperture priority, meter the white document on the screen.

          Do they have the same Shutter Speed recommendation?

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            garry2306 Level 1

            I don't think I made myself clear.


            The the issue is that an image processed in LR or PS-CC on my Dell XPS QHD laptop looks ok in those apps, but dark and contrasty when viewed in the Windows preview.


            I have spent time looking into this and believe it to be related to windows photo viewer ICC problems.


            I'm still looking into a full solution, but the immediate fix is not to use the ICC broken windows photo viewer, ie only look at and process images in ICC compliant products!

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              RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

              So the problem isn't that your Laptop is darker it is that in only certain applications it is darker?

              What kind of files are we talking about here? Jpegs? Exports or originals?

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                garry2306 Level 1

                Yes. As I say, if I only look at my images in LR or PS-CC, I'm ok.


                The problem occurs when I export a JPEG and look at it with the Windows preview. The image displays as very dark and enhanced contrast.


                I have profiled my laptop with colormunki and also used the default ICC profile. Same problem.


                I have read elsewhere that the issue is a Microsoft one and that one way around it is to use only Ver 2 ICCs, ie not the latests version 4.


                It is not a big deal, but, once again an annoying instance of cross application problems. It is bad enough that microsoft doesn't seem to be able the fix the QHD issues, ie small menus etc. Now I need to 'worry' about just looking at an image!

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                  garry2306 Level 1



                  just confirmed all all is well if you use version 2 ICC profile.