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    Mouse cursor not displaying

      We are using an emulation package called Bosanova (PC to AS/400). When I start to record the cursor disappears, to make it visible again I need to move it around the screen until it appears again.
      Is there any settings for this, or have you heard of this happening before. Any help would be appreciated.

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          i_am_captivate Level 1
          Hi coach and welcome to the forums,

          I tried to get some info on Bosanova, but was unable to obtain any screenshots. Is it DOS based? Becuase when I have had to work with these types of programs I was not able to get the mouse to work properly. You could use full motion recording but that wont do much in line of highlight boxes or anything like that. If you are running the program off a network or through remote desktop connection, captivate doesn't like that either for some reason. I would use the "Print screen" method. Have the mouse on screen, move it then hit your print screen button to see what happens.

          Sorry I couldnt be of more help