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    Flash turns my straight lines into jagged ones?


      I'm a bit new to flash, and I have Flash CC. Recently, every time I make a straight or curved line, Flash goes right ahead and bends that line into something not even close to my original one! If I make a curved line, it forms tons of triangles/jagged things and turns straight. If I make a straight line, it still turns extremely jagged. It's driving me insane! I'm trying to start animating, and this gets in the way. Before, it didn't happen so much. When I tried to change the smooth settings, it's all grayed out so I can't do anything.

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          travisbrainerd Level 3

          Are you using the pencil tool in Smooth, Straighten or Ink mode? If you have it in Ink mode, it would grey out the smooth settings, but I don't know why the other behavior would occur. Also, try updating to the latest version of CC 2014.

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            Mukesh R Shah Adobe Employee



            This issue is fixed in latest Oct update of Flash Pro CC 2014. The new version is Please check if you have this version.


            If the issue is still happening, Can you please provide the following information


            Flash Pro Version Number

            Tablet model

            Tablet driver version Number

            Mapping mode set for the tablet ,Is it PEN mode or MOUSE mode.

            ----------------If its Mouse mode pressure and tilt does not work. Please set the mapping mode to PEN.


            Also check what is the compatibility mode set : RightClick the FlashPro Application Shortcut -> Properties > Compatibility and checking the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" option.


            There was similar issue reported on Re: Sensibility on flash cc 2014. Check if this helps.


            PS : Generally updating to the latest wacom driver and restarting the system and Flash Pro resolves most of the issue.Please try this once.Latest wacom drive can be downloaded fromhttp://us.wacom.com/en/support/drivers/




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