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    How do my photos show up on a second computer with the same adobe account in Lightroom catalog?


      I recently just upgraded from a previous version of Lightroom on my windows computer. Now I have the photographer's adobe cloud package with Lightroom 5 and Photoshop with one account.


      It works on my computer just fine and always has, but I'm seeming to have troubles with my sister's computer which is also a windows computer.  She helps edit the pictures and lives an hour away while I shoot and upload the pictures.  She signs in with the same username/password but it is showing up blank.


      I was under the impression that photos stayed in the catalog when signed in---I only think this since when my old laptop died and I purchased a new one, once I downloaded the software I signed in and the images were already there and I hadn't added my photos to my new computer yet.


      I know there are some forums asking about the same question but I can't seem to figure it out especially when I am not able to see the problem for myself. It would be a great pain to have to use an external drive to transfer files from one computer to the next as I don't see my sister in person often enough.


      Any input is greatly appreciated.