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    problem with modules and ModuleLoader

      Hi everybody,
      i'm facing a real funny problem with modules and moduleLoader, i hope
      it's not (only) my fault anyway...
      If i create a normal flex project with fBuilder, i'm able to use
      modules in a lot of different ways (as mxml, as as in a function etc..)...
      but if i try to use them in my fds application (created with fds
      eclipse plugin or as a dataServices project) i can't use modules. The compile-time error message is
      always the same:

      Could not resolve <mx:ModuleLoader> to a component implementation

      I tried a lot of solutions, paying attention to import all the classes, to declaration, naming, positioning
      etc...but nothing changes, this thing is drivining me crazy!!!.

      I will appreciate anykind of help.