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    Tween in custom class

      I'm a relative flash/actionscript newbie. I created a towers of hanoi solution moving movie clips around using Tweens. This all worked great when the action script containing the Tween creation existed on what I guess is the root movie clip (within the Action script window of my .fla file).
      I tried moving the hanoi solution into a custom class (extending EventDispatcher) and now the tween does not 'run'. I've stepped through my code with the debugger and added plenty of trace statements and am pretty sure all the arguments to the Tween constructor are correct.

      _currentTween = new Tween(_movingDiskMc, "_y", Regular.easeOut, _movingDiskMc._y, _yMin, _duration);

      Is there something fundamental I'm missing? Is the frame rate an issue with the custom class? The value of _duration above is 5.


      - Kurt