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    Merged Index : all entries not visible

    Robert-CNC Software
      OK, I've just about figured out my merged context-sensitive project. Last obstacle is a properly merged index. I've merged my slave TOC into the master TOC, and the TOC works fine. Problem is that when I open the merged project from the slave chm, the entire master set of index entries is not visible, only the slave entries. I can get them to show up when I manually add the master chm to the [merge files] section of the slave hhp, but that's not a real workable solution because Robo overwrites my manual edits everytime I make a change to the project and *it* writes the hhp file. How do I get the slave to see all the index entries?? In Robo2002, there was a Project Settings tab that let me add [merge files] directly, independently of the TOC, but that tab is no longer there in X5/RH6. Anyone who has done a merged project in X5 must have overcome this problem, right??

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          Karen Graf
          Hello Rob,

          I see that you have had no responses to your postings over the past couple of weeks. A friend and colleague of mine has shown me how to solve your problems with merging HTML Help projects. The process in too involved to discuss through this medium. I believe you have my personal e-mail and phone information. Please contact me.

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            Hi Rob,

            I have a similar problem, the difference being that I can only see the index entries of the master project. As well as not being able to see the slave index entries, the word search does not display words from the slave project. All the settings are OK in both projects, including having the Binary Index checkbox ticked in the Project Settings dialog box, but still no joy.
            Anyone got any ideas?

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              Robert-CNC Software Level 1
              According to Adobe -- and this was a real surprise -- what we're trying to do is not even *supposed* to work, their tech people told me straight out that merged projects have to be opened from the master project for all the index entries to be visible. Who knew?? Seemed fishy to me -- after all, we've been doing just this for years in Robo 2002 -- but the Flare people told me the same thing when I asked if Flare could do it.

              The workaround is what I described in my original post, to manually insert a [MERGE FILES] section in the hhp of each slave project before you compile it. This section should list the names of all the chms in the merged project except the local slave and the master itself. This fixes both the full-text search and the index at the same time. A real pain, though.

              HTH, Robert
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                Rorsa Level 1
                I managed to work out why our index entries from the slave project were not showing up in the master project.
                We’d been using ProgrammingReferenceGuide.chm as the name of the slave project chm file. This has exactly 25 characters. I thought it may be too long so I shortened it worked. After some more testing, I found out that the maximum number of characters you can have in a slave project that is merged into a master project is 24 - we had one character too many!!
                No-one in tech support knew this.