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    Flash Player installer gripes

    mandrel Level 1

      I have three gripes about Flash Player.

      First, it seems that this Add-in is updated far too often, whilst it is good that Adobe keeps the utility up to date this constant requirement to update must indicate serious flaws in the structure of the software component.

      Second, the installer interface is VERY slow and  a lack of activity indicators during installation gives the impression that the installer has either hung or crashed.

      Finally Norton Insight flags up that the installer file (install_flashplayer15x32au_ltr5x64d_awb_aih.exe) has "No reputational information". Surely Adobe could take the time to sign their software properly and so avoid this issue arising.

      In closing I might add that I use the Safari browser on both my MacBook Pro and Windows PCs, which doesn't natively support Flash, running HTML 5 instead. However some YouTube content will only run in Flash.

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          The file 'install_flashplayer15x32au_ltr5x64d_awb_aih.exe' is one of many shim installers used to download/install Flash Player silently.  Norton rates the reputation/integrity of a file by the number of times users download the file, which makes sense for this particular file.  This particular shim installer is for Windows with the Safari browser and is not downloaded often which is the reason Norton is flagging it as "No reputational information".  Also, the file is properly signed.  If you right-click on the file and select properties, you'll see a 'Digital Signature' tab, which contains the certificate information.