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    LR 5.6 to iPAD LR Mobile isn't working


      LR 5.6 to iPad Mobile LR Sync

      After working successfully earlier, following the latest update(s), I cannot activate the LR synch to my iPad. Specifically – and this is after I reinstalled LR and the LR mobile on my iPad – the following occurs:

      With LR running, I go to the EDIT>PREFERENCES>Lightroom Mobile tab.

      The screen says I’m not signed in. When I click on the sign in box, I first get a “tall” rectangle titled “Lightroom Mobile”, followed by the entire screen graying out, then LR crashes / quits. And this is very repeatable and very frustrating!


      As I said, I have uninstalled / reinstalled LR from the Adobe Cloud but this didn’t fix it.

      I would really like to have this function available.