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    Dynamic Form and XML




      sorry for my bad english. I am a german user and a newbie with Livecycle Designer. I hope i will get help here.


      I have created a Dynamic Form, with one table in it which can be duplicated.

      When it comes to XML Export, all Tags in the duplicated Table have the same name. I want to import the values to Excel, but i can´t get the Values from the duplicated tables seperately. Excel summarizes it in some way, and only allows me to import them alle together in a little table... That is not what i want. I want to have them all at different places.


      So is it somehow possible to change the XML Structure or to give a new name to the second table (which i have duplicated in the PDF) with Javascript Event or anything? So that i have a unique path / tag in the final XML for each value?


      I hope i could explain myself understandable.


      Thanks in advance