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      After converting a Word 2010 document to PDF, some of the photos had black horizontal stripes through them. The photos are low rez (120kb) and are not in a drawing canvas in Word. Any ideas?

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          florencejohn Level 1

          Hi yppiks1,


          Would you send your PDF document to dim86501@adobe.com as an email attachment? 

          I will check it from my end.Please add the link to this forum post for reference.




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            yppiks1 Level 1

            The attached PDF was created from Word 2010 (docx.). All of the photos were taken by the same camera, same settings, etc., JPG’s about 150-400 kb. The only photos affected were on pages 6 and 7. I have used this process hundreds of times; this is the first time I encountered this problem.


            In the Word doc, the photos were inserted into a drawing canvas. I later tried reworking the Word doc by removing the two photos from the canvas and re-inserting them; this had no effect on the two bad pix in the redone PDF.


            I did find a work-around by deleting the photos, opening them in Adobe Elements, saving them as JPG’s, then re-inserting them into the Word doc. After converting this version to PDF, the two pictures look normal. I have no idea why this worked.


            Thanks for your help.








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              florencejohn Level 1

              Hi yppiks1,


              I did not get any PDF file.

              Would you please send it to my email id mentioned above.