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    Shame on Adobe!


      I have just spent the better part of two hours being run in circles and wracking up numerous 1.00 authorizations on my card while simply trying to restart my subscription! I have been away from my computer for over a month and opened Photoshop to work, realizing it had expired and needed to be renewed. upon logging into my account I find NOWHERE to renew it and when I open a chat I am told it has completely expired and i should re-order the subscription, so I do. I get this message at the end of my order:


      "We are currently reviewing your order. You will receive an email within the next three hours confirming your order if you placed your order within North American business hours, Monday through Friday. Outside business hours, you will receive confirmation within the next business day. Your account will not be charged until your order has been processed."


      Are they serious? So, AGAIN I get on with support and this below is how the conversation goes. Quite similar to other complaints and expressions used to reply with are obviously canned answers. I called to file a complaint with corporate headquarters, waiting for their response. In the meantime they have given me time to google and find this! Sorry Adobe, but your customer service is atrocious and your site has, by far the most frustrating account manager I have EVER had to deal with. You should be ashamed of your website and CSR's, this all coming from a company selling website development software????????


      You are now chatting with Lokesh.

      Lokesh: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

      Lokesh: Hi (Customer Name).

      Me: Hello, can you please assist in expediting my order so i don't have to wait hours to be able to use my program? I also need to make sure the previous Creative Cloud membership that expired is taken off and canceled so i am not double billed.

      Lokesh: I understand that your unable to renew your subscription.

      Me: I have already spoken with Chat support and they told me to reorder the membership as it expired completely and i did, but i don't have time this morning for a three hour or more wait.

      Me: I already ordered and got confirmation that it's being processed

      Lokesh: Thank you for confirming.

      Lokesh: I will be glad to check and help you with this issue.

      Me: thank you

      Lokesh: I see that you have already placed the Creative Cloud Photography plan today and order status is in Held for Manual Auth.

      Me: yes, why?

      Lokesh: Held For Manual Authorization, the order has been flagged for manual review. Adobe Finance reviews orders held for manual authorization.

      Lokesh: Orders held for manual authorization are analyzed and either approved or canceled within 24 hours.

      Me: why has it been flagged?

      Lokesh: Orders will be reviewed frequently, and are released within a few hours.

      Me: Ok, you are not giving me an adequate time frame, i cannot sit here waiting.

      Me: I have work to catch up on from being out sick for over a month and honestly this is just a bit ridiculous.

      Lokesh: In this case I suggest you to cancel this order and try placing again so that your order will be processed and you can use the software.

      Me: Can you do this for me please? i don't want to take a chance of it going wrong again.

      Lokesh: Sure, I will cancel your current order and I will provide you the link where you can place the order again.

      Me: thank you

      Lokesh: I have cancelled your Creative Cloud Photography plan which was placed today and I will provide you the link where you can place the order.

      Lokesh: Please click on the link for placing the order.

      Me: ok, so i place the order now? and you canceled the last one?

      Lokesh: Yes, I have cancelled your old order.

      Me: it did the very same thing!

      Lokesh: I request you to re place the order again.

      Me: are you going to cancel this one? AND are you positive this is the way to fix this?

      Lokesh: Yes, I have already cancelled your order which was placed today.

      Me: Listen i now have 4 1.00 adobe charges to my card. I would love to sit here and try till it's correct, but it is charging me 1.00 to authorize each time, those need to be removed!

      Lokesh: I suggest you to place the order again now and it will be processed.

      Me: trying again

      Me: Ok, it has done it again. This is now the 5th 1.00 charge on my card and i am wasting time, please help me to fix this or I need to speck with a supervisor on the issue.

      Lokesh: Authorization charge will be refunded to your account with in 24 hours.

      Me: it's done the same thing again and i cannot keep putting authorization charges on the card. I need to use my program and am getting farther behind redoing this again and again

      Lokesh: Authorization charges are those charges will be charged before placing the order and one after the order is processed it will be credit back to your account.

      Me: I now have THREE pending orders and no confirmation by email of the first two being cancelled either. Ok you told me it would process this time, if you re unable to help me please get someone who can

      Lokesh: Sure, I request you to place the new order and confirm me the order number so that I can assist you with.

      Me: I just redid it again am waiting for order number to come through my email and will give it to you

      Me: Your Order number: AD014551219

      Lokesh: Please do stay online I will check the information for you.

      Me: ok thank you

      Lokesh: You are welcome.

      Lokesh: I checked and see that you have placed Creative Cloud Photography plan and it is Held for Manual Auth and I suggest you to wait for 24 hours.

      Me: ok, please get me a supervisor, you have done nothing but run me in circles and are now giving the same answer you told me you would fix. Come on, this is really ridiculous for a huge company like Adobe!

      Lokesh: I apologize for the inconvenience.

      Me: i also want email confirmation that ALL prior orders have been cancelled.

      Lokesh: Please do stay online I will check with my supervisor.

      Me: Don't apologize, get me someone who can help me now please

      Lokesh: Sure.

      Lokesh: Thank you for your patience.

      Lokesh: Please do stay online I will transfer the chat to my supervisor.

      Me: ok

      Akbar: Hi (Customer Name).

      Me: Hello

      Akbar: My name is Akbar. I am Lokesh's supervisor.

      Me: ok, can you please fix my order. No customer of Adobe should have to wait this amount of time to have a simple order processed. i also requested that i get email confirmation of cancellation of all prior orders this morning as I was told to keep redoing the order again and again

      Akbar: As I understand, your Adobe order is not getting processed. Am I correct?

      Me: I now have 5 1.00 Auth charges on my card and NO program charge or program to use.

      Me: Yes

      Me: We are currently reviewing your order. You will receive an email within the next three hours confirming your order if you placed your order within North American business hours, Monday through Friday. Outside business hours, you will receive confirmation within the next business day. Your account will not be charged until your order has been processed.

      Me: this is the message I get each time

      Me: I am back after over a month in the hospital and need to catch up on work and have been dealing with this for over an hour now already

      Akbar: I will surely check and help you with that.

      Me: thank you.

      Akbar: I see that, you have placed 4 orders out of which 1 is cancelled and the other 3 orders are Held for Manual Authorization. 

      Akbar: These orders has been identified as being beyond the parameters for automatic approval. The order will be reviewed manually for acceptance. These orders are analyzed and either approved or cancelled within 24 hours.

      Me: See, your rep told me those were cancelled. I ONLY NEED ONE and i need to use it now. there should be no reason to hold it

      Me: there is other software I can use and wash my hands of this whole problem if you cannot fix it now

      Akbar: I will cancel the other 2 orders and I request you to wait for 24 hours.

      Me: I will not wait 24 hours, cancel them all NOW I am done with Adobe and will be sure to post this online so others will know to beware. This is ridiculous

      Akbar: At this point of time I suggest you to download trial version and use the software. 24 hours is the maximum time frame, the order might get processed before that.

      Me: I want email confirmation that all orders have been cancelled, I want my account cancelled and i want my card removed from your system completely

      Me: NOW

      Akbar: The other option what I suggest you is to place another order with different credit card details.

      Me: I already HAVE the program that won't work, nor do i wish to waste data downloading something i already HAVE

      Akbar: Sure, (Customer Name). I will cancel all the orders(Total 4 orders).

      Me: Cancel everything and remove my card now and i want confirmation by email before i get off this Chat

      Me: I want the adobe account cancelled too and my card removed from adobe system

      Akbar: I have cancelled all the orders.

      Me: please email confirmation

      Akbar: You should have received the email by now. You can also check the order details  on your Adobe account.

      Me: i don't have it

      Me: i want confirmation

      Akbar: Let me provide you the order numbers.

      Me: i have them

      Me: i want confirmation they have been cancelled by email

      Akbar: 1. AD014550766

      Akbar: 2. AD014551025

      Akbar: 3. AD014551035

      Akbar: 4. AD014551219

      Akbar: I will send the email once we end the chat.

      Me: Listen, I don't have time to deal with this any longer. I want confirmation they have been cancelled, your rep told me the prior ones had been and you get on and they haven't so i want confirmation please by email. I have had problems with Adobe charging my card well past 3 requests to remove it and stop charging, AFTER cancellation and i don't want to go thru it again. i also told you i want my account completely cancelled and you are telling me to check my account. In case i was not clear, I don't want Adobe to have ANY of my information on file, is that clear?

      Akbar: Please wait I need to check with the email support team to send an email.

      Akbar: Thank you for waiting.

      Akbar: I have sent an email to your email address: (Email Address)

      Akbar: In order to close your Adobe account, I have to send a request, however, I would like to inform you, once your account is closed, you will no longer be able to create a new account or access your registered products.

      Me: I am on with Adobe corporate do not do anything else with my account

      Akbar: Alright, (Customer Name). I have just cancelled your orders.

      Akbar: Do you have further questions for me?

      Me: NO


      This is intolerable and quite ridiculous coming from Adobe. Is this really all you have for your customers? We are living in an on demand world now and if you can provide instant or at least some sort of reasonable time frame to help a customer, then you will continue to get complaints.

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          Corporate office did call me back and correct the account. Now after being promised that the multiple 1.00 authorization charges would drop off my account, they still remain from the 28th of October and Adobe refuses to give any documentation to provide my bank with to remove them. Additionally I am still getting emails to pay a subscription that has been cancelled. They have the poorest customer service of any company i have ever dealt with and their billing system is severely lacking.