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    Installing Flashplayer destroys all open tabs in Safari

    ya can't fix stupid

      Your Flashplayer for Mac OS X SUCKS and it is EVIL! Let me explain. Every time I am forced to install Flashplayer your dam installer forces me to close Safari. Closing Safari does not bother me as I have my Mac set to reinstate all open web page tabs when Safari restarts. However after your corrupt  Flashplayer installes it pops open Safari to shove your stupid adds in my face and Flashplayer DESTROYED all my open web page tabs. They are all gone and don't come back when I restart Safari. As a software developer I have several web pages open that pertain to my projects and I think that it is EVIL for your screwed up installer to blow away all my web pages every time it installs. You need to FIX this BAD behavior ASAP! I have run many, many, Mac installers and I have never seen one, other than yours, destroy all my opens tabs in Safari.