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    Changing Tab order in a completed form without altering or moving fields here and there


      Hi All,

      I've made a complex questionairre and is almost complete. Now the problem is that when I converted this file from Word, many fields were automatically detected and their tab order/ numbering was set by Acrobat itself. The remaining fields in the form (at different places) were created by myself. Now in the tab ordering, the fields automatically detected have priority and the fields I created, are much different from the corresponding fields in tab numbering. For your understanding, I'm including the screenshot too. Please see the tab numbering in the image and after field # 7, there is field # 28, then field # 26, and then field # 29 which is not the way it should be.




      Please advise any solution (if there is any) on your earliest convenience.

      Thanks in anticipation!