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    NOTHING or wrong info in LINK VIEW

    ktbCA57 Level 1
      I am using RH HTML x4.1.

      I have taken a project over from a previous writer (no longer with the company). I have found MANY "orphaned" topics with no real links to anything else. In addition, I am changing many of the topic names, etc. I am trying to verify any links that belong to existing topics, but when i click the Link View tab, a VERY generalized link shows... and doesn't include the actual links that exist in the topic.

      Even in NEW topics or new links i've created, this is the condition... NOTHING is showing in the Link View (e.g., it shows the default main topic that appears when the project is compiled with a generic topic linked to it... but NOTHING that represents the actual links or topics i'm using. I have hundreds of links established between and among the various topics.

      Can you please tell me why this might be happening and if it can or cannot be fixed?


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Kelley

          Yes, Link View is a strange beast. One would expect to click the tab and immediately see links to/from the topic currently in the WYSIWYG editor. Unfortunately, it wasn't designed that way.

          One way to use it is to display the view, then one-by-one drag topics from the Explorer or Project view into the Link View pane and drop them.

          Cheers... Rick
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            ktbCA57 Level 1
            RICK! YOU ARE A GENIUS!

            this works perfectly and gives me the info I need! THANKS...

            it has been awhile since i've used RH... but i thought that in the versions i used previously that the "link view" did automatically give you the links... however... the drag and drop thing is fine... and will make my life MUCH EASIER!

            THANKS AGAIN!