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    What is the problem with addons not installing


      We are regularly running into an issue where installing adobe flash player is not installing the browser plugin for both FF and IE. I have used information from a non-english forum post that i forgot to bookmark to try and resolve the problem but can no longer find it. The forum post basically said that sometimes explorer.exe will lock the system32 folder during the install causing it not to copy the browser files.


      I have installed and un-installed the following versions of flash     IE     FF     IE and FF     IE and FF


      I have used the MSI packages to deploy through GPO, Manual install, and MSIEXEC via a 3rd party tool.

      I have tried the web installer

      I have also tried disabling and removing our secure endpoint solution


      we are constantly plagued by the installs completing but never installing the browser plugins. I have been removing the anti-virus, then removing flash player, then starting the installer, then killing explorer.exe- letting the installer run then rebooting and re-installing the AV. THIS ONLY WORKS SOMETIMES AND CAN TAKE 4+ HOURS AT A REMOTE SITE.


      I have 500+ computers to maintain flash installs on- I NEED HELP


      we are using a mix of ie 7,8,9,10,11 and ff 3,17,24,31 windows XPSP3 windows 7sp1 domain environment.


      The problem seems to show up the most on WIN7 IE10 IE11 machines.


      We are also constantly battling content our partners post prompting our users to update flash player saying it is out of date. They are unable to do so and we have had this happen even when the install is one patch revision behind the newest- the content is then never delivered and requires our staff to manually update the machine. I am conviced this is a configuration on the web server or page hosting the content- does anyone know how to stop this?